Hemlock & Cedar Films | 50-50
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50-50 follows Nellie Cameron, a real life prostitute famous on the streets of Sydney in the 1920’s and 30’s. Nellie enjoys the perks of her world, the drugs, the money, the fame, but in her game she can’t afford to love.

Starring: Jess McNamee, Oliver Ackland and Les Chantery
Writer & Director: Megan Riakos
Producer: Annmaree J Bell & Australian Film Television & Radio School

Cinematographer: Michael Steel
Production Designer: Lauren Richards
Costume Designer: Kitty Taube
Editor: Anil Griffin
Sound Design: Peter Climpson
Composer: Aaron Kenny

Type: Short Film
Length: 14min 48sec
Format: 16mm film
Year: 2011

© Australian Film Television Radio School


50-50 Trailer