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Crushed Blog – Draft 3

Crushed Blog – Draft 3

What a week. Had to take time off my paid job to really focus on draft three. Instead of just amending the physical script I went back to the step outline (A ten page document that lists every beat in the film) and tried to integrate all of our new thoughts into it.

After lots of thinking, typing, deleting and typing again, I sent off the new plan to Sarah and Robbie. I felt anxious and uneasy about it throughout the process but when I finally hit send I felt a sense of relief. I also felt a sense of achievement. The new plan is by no means perfect, there is still a long way to go, but every time I take the next step I know that it is a step towards a better story, a better project, a better team. Sarah and I have lots of chats about where this story will go, what we want this film to do for us and we always come to the conclusion that we just need to keep working at it. Keep chipping away the fat, the irrelevance, the ego. Find the shape with time, develop it, follow it. But really the best we can do is keep our chins up and keep chipping away!

Not everything is a painful and anxious process, some great things have happened this week too. We have locked a number of the key creatives into the project and I am super excited to be working with them all again. Michael Steel as Cinematographer, Aaron Kenny as Composer and Anil Griffin as Editor – it’s a massive reunion.

These guys went to AFTRS with me and all worked on my last two major shorts 50-50 and The Shed. I trust them as people and as artists whole heartedly. I can’t wait to collaborate with them. Seriously, just writing this makes me smile :). I truly can’t wait

– Megan Riakos


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