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Crushed Blog – Dreams

Crushed Blog – Dreams

I had a dream last night that we were on the first day of shoot, but the shoot had been moved to the top of a beautiful mountain – 1000 feet up. The only problem was that there were no roads, just a dirt path for us to hike up with all our equipment….

A little over three months before we are scheduled to shoot Crushed and like all tortured artists, I have my doubts. Will the script be ready? Will we have enough money? Will we get a vineyard? Am I good enough? We all know those feelings well, the little voice in the back of your head that oscillates between ‘wow you’re a genius’ and ‘you’re f*#king kidding yourself, go get a real job’.

I think what we are setting out to do is risky. There is a real chance of failure. It forces you to be vulnerable – all the things you need to do to become a better artist and a better person. Unfortunately our society doesn’t treat failure with the respect it deserves, so we often choose the safe route. What a boring world if that was the only choice we made. But even so, it is scary to step out on a limb.

Whenever I feel this way I try and remind myself that feeling insecure is part of the game. You need to ride out the slump, keep working, see films, read books, talk to people to get yourself out of the funk. It will pass – remember you chose this because you love it. For me, I get in a bigger funk if I am not working on anything.

Anyway, draft two has been complete. We have worked in the motive for the killer and strengthened each of the characters. Overall the story is solid, but it needs that X-Factor to make it pop. I feel like if we work hard enough we will find it – we just have to keep digging.

I like to think of The Sixth Sense when I know there is something missing from a script early on – there were six drafts of The Sixth Sense written before Bruce Willis’s character is dead. The film would not have been the same without this revelation, imagine if Shyamalan stopped after five drafts.

Today I begin draft three.


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