Hemlock & Cedar Films | FILMS
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111 mins
Mystery Thriller
When a winery owner dies in a suspicious accident, his estranged daughter is forced to return home to the vineyard to uncover the truth.

21 mins
Psychological Horror
An alcoholic on the hunt for booze stumbles across something frighteningly familiar in his back shed. Based on the acclaimed short story by Chris Womersley.

15 mins
Period Crime Drama
50-50 follows Nellie Cameron, a real life prostitute famous on the streets of Sydney in the 1920’s and 30’s. Nellie enjoys the perks of her world, the drugs, the money, the fame, but in her game she can’t afford to love.

3 mins
Drama & Spec Ad
A young woman decides to finally seek help.

9 mins
If a drum beats a dancer must dance, and the beauty of the dance, is in the eye of the beholder.

12 mins
Amber Lawrence is a country music singer who spent her childhood not on the stage but at the running track. And one thing running taught her, is practice makes perfect.


7 mins
We cross paths with many, but rarely do we make contact. Sally is oblivious to a man in desperate need of help. When she finally realises the seriousness of his situation, is she still able to help or is it too late?