Hemlock & Cedar Films | Crushed Blog – First Trip to Mudgee
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Crushed Blog – First Trip to Mudgee

Crushed Blog – First Trip to Mudgee

My very first trip to Mudgee was about 6 or 7 years ago – My school friend Coxy (Sarah Waller) invited a bunch of us to Mudgee for a girls weekend to Burrundulla, her family’s vineyard and property. There was an old cottage up the back of the property that is no longer in use, so we camped out there drinking wine and having a good old time.

It was such a beautiful location, the vineyards were stunning, the old cottage had great character and I remember thinking at the time that this would be an amazing place to shoot a film. Maybe a Rom com or something like that!

Anyway, we went back to Sydney and time when by. Occasionally I would go through my old journals looking for story ideas and I saw the note about the vineyards, but nothing jumped out at me. Until that is, I was wracking my brain for ideas last year for a thriller. I wanted to write a genre piece that I knew I could make on the cheap and I started to think about locations I might have access too. That’s when I remembered the Burrundulla Vineyards. I have never seen a thriller (or horror for that matter) set on a vineyard and I knew I had to set it there.

So with the help of Coxy, we convinced her parents Ted and Annie to let us shoot at Burrundulla Vineyards and surrounding property. Now the next step was to do our first location reccie!! Over the weekend we travelled out to Burrundulla to talk with Ted & Annie and it was amazing. I can’t believe how open and generous they were and they were so supportive of this crazy idea I’ve got.

Coxy came up too and she spent the time driving us around, showing us the town and the possibilities just started opening up. I already know that I will rewrite one of the chase scenes to incorporate an amazing old shearing shed (also on their land!).

So far we have two choices for the family home: A rustic old workers cottage (the one I stayed in all those years ago) with which we would have complete access and a magnificent heritage listed old homestead. But another part of the Cox family resides in the homestead so it might be more difficult to shoot there for long periods of time. Either way we already have great options.

We also made contact with Drew & Jacob from Robert Stein Winery – they have a beautiful barrel room and winery that would work very well for the film too.

Now I can’t wait to get stuck into changing the script for these locations. Knowing your locations while you are still drafting the script is a massive bonus and I know the script will be stronger because of it. It also means we can keep our costs down but keep our production values high.


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