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Introducing Crushed – Director’s Blog

Introducing Crushed – Director’s Blog

Crushed is an Australian mystery thriller shot on location in the Mudgee Wine Region in Australia during December 2013 and January 2014 and was written during the final semester of the 2013 UCLA Professional Screenwriters’ Program especially to be made as a low budget feature later that year.Now in the post-production phase, Crushed is raising funds via kickstarter to help complete the film.Three months before shooting Crushed, I decided to write a journal about the process of making an indie feature.  But with the huge commitment of writing, directing and producing my first feature there was no way I had time to turn my scrawling entries into a blog, that is until now :)I’ll be posting entries that were written over the past six months and of course entries from the here and now. Hopefully some of what I learnt might be interesting or even helpful to those of you who are considering a similar path.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Megan Riakos

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