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Crushed Blog – Mood, Tone, Palette & Style

Crushed Blog – Mood, Tone, Palette & Style

Mood Board time – finally got a chance to put together some mood boards. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but time is so skint. Up till this point I’ve just been referencing films and sending through links but this is really important to help communicate the look and feel of the film. Of course it’s just a lifting off point but you’ve got to start somewhere :).

In terms of light and shade we are very interested in artists like Caravaggio and Bill Henson and the idea of painting with light. This film really is about the secrets that we all carry, the shadow selves that we hide from others and how those secrets will destroy us if we don’t face up to it.

In terms of palette, we will enhance what is present in the locations to begin with. Mudgee is in the midst of a drought at the moment and summer looks like it will be a long dry one – so warm tones are very strong in the countryside. Of course the vineyards themselves are very lush but everywhere else is bone dry – Michael Steel (DOP) has mentioned possibly using coral filters to help heighten the sense of dry heat – the stifling weather that hits Ellia our main character when she arrives in Mudgee. This will be contrasted with our shots of her in the ‘big city’ where cool colours and concrete and glass textures will feature.

Having a limited budget means we’ll have to be creative about our mood and shooting style. Ultimately what we decide to go with will have to be cost effective and suit our super fast shooting schedule – which reminds me, we’ll be asking for quotes for the camera package tomorrow – fingers crossed it comes back with a price we can afford!


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