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Crushed Blog – Production Office

Crushed Blog – Production Office

Mark and I have finally moved to an apartment of our own which also doubles as the official PRODUCTION OFFICE! Since moving back from the U.S. in July, we have moved around. We were house sitting a few places and living with my folks, but I really wanted to have our own space for the production. So we found a two bedroom apartment in the inner west and have converted the living room into the production office. When I am working, poor Mark gets to hang out in the small second bedroom aka the ‘living room’.

Moving is yet another stress on top of everything else but a good stress. It makes me feel like Crushed is not just a fanciful dream, but it has a tangible place to grow.

Robbie Miles, one of the Producers arrived from LA over the weekend too. So now we are in official pre-production mode – the train has left the station! Looking forward to attending the opening night drinks of The Australian Directors Guild Conference as a team. It’ll be the first time that Sarah, Robbie and I talk publicly as a team about the film and it’s a good opportunity to chat to others who have walked similar paths.

Over the last few months, Sarah and I have made a big effort to speak with people, attend seminars and read up on articles in regards to making indie films. Last weekend we attended a really interesting conference at UTS called Microwave – all about low budget and no budget films utilising innovative strategies to make and distribute films. It was great to hear the tips and tricks from the likes of John L. Simpson, Peter Castaldi, Andrew Bujalski and Joe Swanberg as well as hear from a few companies like Chill and Tugg offering up alternative distribution models.

There may not be much money swirling around, but that just means we have to be that much more creative about how we make this film.


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