Hemlock & Cedar Films | Australian Women's Horror Anthology
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Hemlock & Cedar Films is excited to announce Australia’s first Female Horror Anthology Feature Film and is calling for completed short horror film submissions with female identifying directors to be part of this project

Hemlock and Cedar Films are on the hunt for horror short films roughly 10-20 minut­es in length. Until recently, it has been hard to get female-led horror films out into the world, so we are looking in particular for hidden gems that have not yet had a release OR for whatever reason, did not get a wider release first time round. Short Films that have already had an extensive festival run and/or is now freely available online is unlikely to be appropriate for this Anthology; however, filmmakers are encouraged to submit if in doubt as exceptions may be made in some circumstances.


Films must have at least a HD resolution and must be available for exclusive worldwide distribution as part of the proposed Anthology Feature Film. Submissions are via the Anthology online form and must include a link to an online screener of the film (no DVD’s will be accepted).


The Anthology is produced by filmmaker Megan Riakos (director and producer of feature film Crushed) and will be curated in association with Briony Kidd (Stranger With My Face International Film Festival) with a release slated for 2019.


Entry is free and open to films with a female identifying director and set in Australia and/or by Australian filmmaker(s).


Click here for Terms & Conditions

Click here for Submission Form


Deadline: Please submit your films by 26 August 2018 to guarantee consideration. Although submissions will be accepted after this time, the selection process will already be in progress and the chances of selection may be reduced.


If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hemlockandcedarfilms@gmail.com.